Moving and such

CMU is finally giving me the boot!

I gave them four and a half years of my life and $180,000 in exchange for an oversized piece of paper in a Naugahyde folder. It's set to arrive sometime in February.

Now it's time to join the working world.  I was able to hoodwink Boeing into believing that I'm a productive, well-adjusted employee. They've hired me full-time, still in Philadelphia.  I've also gotten myself a pretty decent apartment in Fishtown, which is slightly north of center-city Philadelphia.  The place has a second bedroom which I plan to buy furniture for in the not-too-distant future, so if you feel the urge to visit the city of brotherly love, give me a shout!

I'll be spending portions of the holidays in Pittsburgh, Philly, and in Buffalo.  The schedule goes something like this:

  • Now - December 23: Keep working at CMU and completely finish packing and cleaning the current place in Pittsburgh
  • December 23-26: Get back up to Buffalo to spend Christmas with the folks and, well, anyone else who harasses me enough to make time to see them
  • December 27-28: The big move (i.e. road trip through Alabama)
  • December 29-January 3rd(ish): Head back to Buffalo for Grandma's birthday, New Years, and whatever other general debauchery people have in store for me. Obviously skipping the Vigil breakfast where I'd be expected to pay $7 to eat Grzywna food while seated in a folding metal chair in their church.
  • January 4th(ish)-7th: Unpack in Philadelphia, get myself situated, make a court appearance to fight an undeserved speeding ticket
  • January 8th: Start the new job
And that's all I've got, at least for now.  Keep in touch, of course.  Merry Christmas!